I am Grishma πŸ‘‹
a product designer based in Toronto, CA

+4 years of experience shipping products and collaborating with cross-functional product teams, with a passion for turning complex problems into simple and engaging human experiences. I value trying new things, attention to detail, and living life with love and empathy. Let’s build something together β€” I’m currently open to work πŸ’»

My Product Design Process β™₯️

I love to work side by side with ambitious perfectionist and challenge-loving clients
My design process starts with understanding the problem of the product better, asking question if any to stakeholders or product managers. - Following that, I conduct heuristic evaluation of the product by myself. After that, I dive into doing competitive analysis to understand the market, who we are competing with, how is their design experience and if there is any negative or positive feedback their users have about them to help us know where we can do better. Once all the research is done, I gather and organize the data to draw patterns.
I take the collected data and problem statement to ideate multiple solutions around it with the product team. Collecting their feedback with my own reflection of best possible solution, I either iterate or finalize one solution using sketches.
Before jumping into design I make sitemap, this helps to plan for usability. Following that is information architecture & user flows which helps in defining users mental model for navigating the website.
Once the design is finalized on sketches, I make wireframes out those sketches which again I take through a round of feedback from the team. If the design system is in place I start with designing mockups - UI Design. I take the designs through an iteration of feedback again before pushing out.